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4 Things You Need To Know About Working The Heavy Bag In Boxing

There are many different tools to work with in training, each having varied uses and purposes. Of course, not all tools are created equal. Some work on your speed and technique, others develop power. The most important thing to know about training tools is how you can maximize them to sharpen your skills and harness your true potential.

One of those tools that we use quite often is the heavy bag. At first glance, the heavy bag may look daunting to some. It is a familiar fixture in classic films such as “Rocky” and “The Best of the Best”, where we see our protagonists using the heavy bag to unload their heaviest punches.

But there are a few things we should take note of when working the heavy bag. Although it is a great training apparatus to help us develop a lot of our power and technique, to use it properly, we need to know what we are doing.

Want to get the lowdown on how to use the heavy bag like a pro? Today, we share four things you need to know when working with the heavy bag in boxing.

1) It is a great tool to develop your power

Heavy bags are a great tool for Muaythai and Boxing.

First and foremost, the heavy bag’s main purpose is to develop a fighter’s power. Unloading your biggest, heaviest punches without fear of retaliation or being countered is an essential function of the heavy bag. In this way, you can accustom yourself to throwing the most powerful shots in your arsenal.

Put your entire weight into your offense. Sit down on your punches and use your momentum to generate maximum velocity. Feel your shots explode on impact and visualize your offense before you execute it. These factors are key to generating your most devastating blows.

The heavy bag is a great tool to hone the raw, unbridled power that every fighter possesses. Yes, technique is very important, but so is power. With power, technique becomes effective, and you gain an equalizer that you can rely on when handling more skilled opponents. Power is a great thing to have as a fighter, and the heavy bag will help you harness it properly.

2) It can help you practice rhythm and timing

Pad training is just one way to develop timing and rhythm.

Part of a great offense is rhythm and timing. A real fight offers a unique choreography, as both you and your opponent take turns shifting between offense and defense. The ebb and flow of real-world combat is both erratic and well-calculated at the same time. The heavy bag then offers a way for you to sharpen your timing and develop your rhythm.

Offensive fighters like to bob and weave, confusing their opponents with great head movement while looking for openings to attack. Defensive fighters on the other hand like to feint and p

arry, using every bit of their bodies to deflect an opponent’s shots and counter with their own. Every fighter has his or her own distinct rhythm.

With each punch landed, the heavy bag sways back and forth, and side to side. A lot of boxers like to use this perpetual swinging motion to visualize the movement of an opponent. In this way, you will be able to use the heavy bag’s trajectory to work on your rhythm and timing. Knowing when to throw your power punches and in what situations is just as important as anything else.

3) It also helps improve footwork

Hitting the heavy bag, among other equipment is a must for all boxers.

Another key ingredient of a good, fundamentally rich offense is fluid footwork. In boxing, we often find ourselves in two positions. We are either inside punching range or we are outside of it. To be able to seamlessly transition between the two states requires sound footwork.

In the same way that the heavy bag allows us to work on our rhythm and timing, we can use the bag’s movement to develop our footwork.

Learn how to dart in and out of range. Use your combinations to advance forward, and recognize situations where you can exit in angles. Practice your pivots and position yourself on either side of the bag, and in between. Know when to unload your offense.

Using the bag to simulate a live body will help prepare you for the real thing. A fighter with great footwork and knowledge of positioning is more effective with his offense.

4) Focus on technique above all

Don't neglect the other aspects of your Boxing training.

While the heavy bag allows us to develop and enhance our raw power, its greatest function still remains to polish our technique. When working the heavy bag, make sure to pay close attention to technique above all.

The heavy bag will help you develop and enhance the key techniques of your offense, from the way you throw punches to the manner in which you move your feet. Once you have the technique locked down, the bag then shifts to allow you to harness your power. The next time you’re in the gym, and you see that heavy bag in the corner, know what it’s for and how to use it properly. If you’re looking to increase the power of your offense, then there is no greater tool in the martial arts gym. With enough time spent honing your craft, you’ll be punching with authority in no time.

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