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5 Benefits Martial Arts Gives You That Your Regular Gym Can’t

Every single year in December, it is a common trend amongst millennials to prepare clichéd New Year resolutions concerning the perennial quest to achieve certain fitness goals. Upon entering the New Year, one can see hordes of rather motivated people lining up outside expensive regular gyms across the country, with great determination to achieve their fitness goals. However, soon the infamous monotony of regular gyms begins to creep in, and people start losing interest quickly, leading to comparatively emptier gyms as January ends.

Why does this happen? Ever wished for an alternative to the boring and repetitive options offered at regular gyms? Have you ever wondered how quickly you might achieve your desired fitness goals if you stay focused on your particular fitness regime without ever losing interest?

Martial arts is just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it a complete full body workout for people from all walks of life, martial arts training is known to have several advantages over regular exercising. Today, we look into why martial arts is as better than your regular gym:

1) Learn invaluable, practical life-skills

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While exercising regularly can surely help you achieve your fitness targets, and perhaps improve your overall confidence, learning martial arts can prepare you for various challenges throughout your life, mentally as well as physically.

Being able to defend yourself from impending danger is an extremely necessary tangible skill one should acquire. It helps people to protect their families as well as themselves if they are ever attacked. In some extreme cases, being proficient in martial arts can even be the difference between life and death.

No matter how good you get at martial arts, there is always scope for improvement that drives practitioners every single day to push themselves even more in their pursuit of perfection.

2) Enhanced social interaction

Nothing is stronger than the friendships forged in the martial arts gym.

While there is a good chance that you will find people your age at a regular gym, your workouts are still going to be individual, and any interaction with others, if at all, will either be before or after your workout.

On the other hand, martial arts is a group excursion, where people end up making lifelong friends as they grow and learn a new skill together. Training with like-minded people is not only great fun, but it helps you achieve your full physical and mental potential, as your gym mates can regularly motivate you as well. Watching your peers improve their skills drives you to achieve your goals as well, and it is a very healthy social environment for an individual to grow.

3) Break away from the monotony

Every martial arts class helps you grow as a person.

The primary reason why many people are not consistent when it comes to regular exercising is that it eventually becomes a very repetitive and monotonous activity as a whole. It is very common for people to give up exercising within months of joining a gym, as they do not enjoy their workouts, and it almost starts feeling like a chore, one for which they have to pay for. Lifting the same weights and performing the same exercises week in week out can be extremely boring, despite the obvious physical benefits they provide.

In contrast, martial arts really engages the individuals with exciting body movements and a vast array of exercises based on a never-ending growth chart. Having fun is one of the most underrated aspects of a workout, as the individual needs to be completely hooked onto his/her workout for consistent results. Kicking the pads in Muay Thai and sparring with a partner in boxing are just 2 examples of some great stress-relieving and fun activities involved in martial arts. The training is very diverse, and every single day there are new techniques and skills to master.

4) An all-in-one full-body workout

A martial arts gym is a place to push yourself to the limit while having fun.

Due to the diverse range of motions involved in martial arts, coupled with the new techniques taught at in the gym every single day, your body remains in a constant state of shock, helping your muscles to develop at an incredible rate. Martial arts hits every single muscle of the body at once, unlike your regular gym sessions where you have to split specific muscle groups into separate exercises or do them on different days of the week. This leads to rapid lean muscle growth, which in turn leads to the ability to lose up 1,000 calories in a Muay Thai class.

Not only does martial arts allow you to burn calories faster than regular exercising, it also helps to improve your immune system. Your endurance is enhanced significantly due to martial arts training as well, leading to a massive boost to your cardiovascular health, and increased blood flow throughout the body, which is vital to your internal health.

Another vital benefit of martial arts, as per extensive research, is that it helps accelerate the body’s metabolism as well. The boosted metabolism is part of a process known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

5) Learning martial arts helps you grow as a person

Competition is definitely one way to push your limits.

Martial Arts requires a person to push himself beyond his limits to achieve a certain goal, paving the way for that person to face various challenges in life with the same level of dedication, hence making him better prepared with enhanced mental strength.

Your regular gym allows you to stay within your comfort zone, without having to push yourself to extreme limits during your workouts as you can decide the intensity of your workouts. While that may sound comfortable and desirable, it won’t do your body any good. Staying within your comfort zone and giving preference to ‘convenience’ is the worst thing a person aspiring to be fit can do. Without a fixed workout routine, it is easier for people to skip their gym sessions, and consistency takes a hit.

In a martial arts class, you have an experienced instructor helping encourage and push you to improve. They are not only there to pass on technical martial arts knowledge, but also to safely help you get out of your comfort zone to improve and grow.

So, if you’re really looking to get into the best shape of your life, while also growing as a person mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, there’s nothing better than martial arts. For most people, training martial arts becomes a part of their lifestyle, shaping who they are as a person. So, what are you waiting for? Give martial arts a try and experience it all for yourself.

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