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“Believe you can and you're halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Program Classes Enrolling Now

At Westside MMA we provide a unique, in-depth, level based program that teaches children (ages 5+) to take advantage of the natural way their bodies move and react, while instilling in them important, life building skills necessary to successfully navigate one’s way through today’s fast paced world.

At Westside your child’s safety is our main concern, that’s why our youth martial arts program teaches kids how to protect themselves using proven programs based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muaythai. Jiu-Jitsu and Muaythai are an excellent entry point for your child’s introduction into martial arts.

Westside offers the best youth Martial Arts instruction in the world that is an affordable, fun and important part of your child’s early stage development. Westside’s kids Martial Arts classes start children as young as 5 on their martial arts journey with instruction in the exciting and powerful arts of Jiu-Jitsu and Muaythai under the supervision of champion athletes.

At Westside, we realize that each student possesses very different abilities, as such, classes are taught with your child’s physical and mental wellbeing given the utmost attention.


Turn Your Child Into A Champion In The Game Of Life

Westside MMA’s Youth Martial Arts program instills in our students the strong base and foundation needed to successfully communicate and navigate through today’s dynamic, demanding and sometimes dangerous society.

In Addition to offering a great base for self-defense, children are taught many additional, important life building skills at Westside, including:

  • How to Work Well With Others

  • How to have Confidence in Yourself

  • Respecting Others

  • Living a Fitness Based Lifestyle

  • Developing Humility

  • Being Attentive & Aware

  • Reward for Personal Achievement

  • Being the “Anti-Bully” (Showing compassion for others)


Our Kids Martial Arts classes in Deer Park gives your child the ability, awareness and self-control to handle life’s threatening situations while building a strong foundation of self-confidence. This conscience will enable your child to develop a calmer and more tolerant disposition to be able to interact with other kids.

A Lifetime Of Benefits Awaits Your Child

Each of our fun and exciting Kids Martial Arts classes consist of physical exercises, self-defense techniques and educational games. Our methods will develop your child’s coordination, agility and flexibility in a fun and safe environment.

To learn more about Westside MMA's Kids Martial Arts Programs, simply click the Request More Information button below and one of Westside’s helpful and friendly staff will contact you, OR get started right away by clicking on Westside’s Kids Martial Arts Program Trial Special below which includes 2 weeks trial for only $39.99.


  • Improve children’s social skills

  • Enhance self-confidence

  • Better understanding of goal-setting and working towards them

  • Increase focus, energy and concentration

  • Develops confidence in children


  • Classes 6 day a week

  • Develop strong character

  • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness level

  • Access to the gym's events and special classes

  • MMA, BJJ & Muaythai classes

Join Now! Get Your Trial Pass Today!


The first time you come to our school you will be welcomed by our staff. Please arrive 15 minutes before class so you and your children have enough time to prepare for practice. The class will start on time and your child will be asked to walk to the training area where the instructor will be waiting for him or her. One of the assistant instructors or a senior student will be assigned as a helper to assist your child in performing the drills and activities. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the entire practice.



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