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Our first striking floor located inside is over 180m2 of 20mm EVA foam mats covered by an 18oz ripstop vinyl mat. Alongside this area is the first of our full size boxing rings, a variety of hanging bags, forearm pads and focus pads. Perfect set up for training Muaythai.


Our second striking floor located in the back gym is over 200m2 of 20mm EVA foam mats. This area includes a variety of heavy hanging bags, speed balls, floor-to-ceiling balls, hook & uppercut stations, tyres, forearm pads and focus pads. We also have our second full size boxing ring located alongise this training floor. This is where we have more Muaythai, MMA Striking and Fight Training classes.



Our grappling floor is 170m2 of the highest thickness and quality MMA mats and two padded walls to train wall grappling drills. These mats are specifically designed for both hygiene and grip and make training in both gi and nogi that much better. We also have a 6m competition size MMA cage for MMA sparring and cage specific drills.



The gym floor is 220m2 of pin loaded, free weight and functional strength training equipment. Racks, boxes, rings, kettlebells, bands, balls and more. All the best quality tools to create amazing classes regardless of whether your training goal is general fitness, rehabilitation, or to get super strong for elite level competition.



Westside MMA provides spacious, clean change rooms, showers and toilet facilities for both males and females. For those who head to work straight after training or just like to shower as soon as you get off the mat the hot water is always hot.


For parents, friends and family we have a lounge area where you can relax and watch classes while you wait. Free Wi-Fi is provided for technology lovers as well.



Hygiene is hugely important in training. As such bathrooms, mats, and all training areas and equipment are cleaned daily. Along with this we also have certain hygiene rules for personal training equipment and bathroom use to keep ourselves and our mats free of anything nasty and ensure the cleanest possible training environment.


We work hard and to provide a great facility. We are very proud of the result and sure you will appreciate it too!



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