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“If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.”  

Woody Allen

Combine The Best Self-Defense And Fitness Training With Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes

Why work towards just one goal when you knock out two in the very same session? Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes At Westside MMA are the best way to learn real-world self-defense skills and build total-body strength in no time. 

These MMA Classes in Deer Park offer the highest quality instruction and plenty of modifications for men and women of all skill levels.



Mixed Martial Arts Training Can Teach You Self-Defense For Any Situation 

Whether it's in the ring or out in public, our MMA classes will help you stay prepared. Learn how to strike with efficiency and power while combining elements of stand-up fighting and ground-based grappling.

Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Deer Park can teach you how to overcome an opponent of any size and keep you and your loved ones safe in any situation.

Learn how to: 

  • Strike with power at a moment's notice

  • Generate leverage over opponents of any size

  • Maintain control from start to finish 

  • Transition from standing to ground fighting with confidence


And Before You Know It, Our MMA Classes Will Have You In The Best Shape Of Your Life

There's simply no substitute for the total-body workout that Mixed Martial Arts offers. Work every muscle in your body without even realizing how hard you're pushing. MMA Classes challenge fighters of all skill levels to learn one step at a time and put together a strategy piece by piece as you develop incredible physical tools. 

Our MMA classes can help you:

  • Generate power and strength

  • Burn fat and reveal lean, toned muscles

  • Boost your speed and agility

  • Walk away feeling more confident than ever


Don't Get Stuck In Your Routine. Train Smarter With Our MMA Classes In Deer Park Today!

If you're looking for long-lasting results and the best self-defense skills for any situation, we've got the answer. Mixed Martial Arts training at Westside MMA gives you access to the highest quality coaching around and a support system that can't be matched.

Just click the 'REQUEST MORE INFO' button below to learn more about everything we have to offer in Deer Park!


  • Learn Self Defense

  • Improve General Fitness

  • Builds Immense Confidence

  • Develop Discipline

  • Exciting and Interesting


  • Maximize fat loss with a great martial arts workout

  • Classes in BJJ, Muaythai, Wrestling & Submission Grappling

  • Develop strong sculpted muscles

  • Gain overall strength & increased endurance levels

  • Real techniques for the UFC Octagon

  • Great scope to learn fight skills

  • Eligible to compete in amateur or pro MMA



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