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10 Pieces Of Advice That Will Help Your Jiu-Jitsu Evolve Faster

You’ve been training for a while now and despite all your efforts, you don’t seem to be improving a lot on the mats.

So, we decided to compile 10 valuable pieces of advice to get you back on tracks and have your game improving by the day.

1. Be curious

Speak up when you have a doubt and you need your Professor or instructor to explain it. Many times, the devil is on the details and a quick explanation is all you need to have that technique clarified.

2. Keep a notebook

Write down what you learned every week and then revise. Find your weakness and the ways to overcome them. Don’t trust in your memory alone, specially if you are a beginner.

3. Have a game plan

When you are a beginner and it’s time to spar, don’t just ad lib as you go. Have a plan and aim for your specific targets with specific techniques. Leave improvisations for further ahead in your learning process.

4. Know your limits

Don’t mix toughness with stupidity. If you are injured, don’t make it worse by training before it’s healed. If you are caught, tap and live to train another day.

5. Consistence beats intensity

It’s no use to train four times a week for two months and then not set foot on the mat for the next six months. Pace yourself and show up at least two times a weeks with less time off.

6. Pay attention to details

Don’t allow yourself to be sloppy. Have each technique on point and fight hard for each detail during a spar or a tournament match. Many times, an under hook or a bad grip make all the difference between victory or defeat.

7. Increase your mat time

Don’t be late and try to be one of the last to leave. Ask questions and wait around while others ask their own questions after class. If your Professor is going to teach a private class, ask if he needs an extra. You’ll be helping and learning at the same time.

8. Live Jiu-Jitsu

Yes, that’s right. The Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle is much more than just training. Take advantage of all the teachings the founding fathers left us. Eat right, have the right mindset and enjoy the benefits of the gentle art 24/7.

9. There are no shortcuts

Don’t believe in anything other than working your butt off on the mat. It’s the only way you will truly learn what needs to be learned.

10. Believe in yourself

As hard as it is, you need to convince yourself that you are able to do it. Don’t compare yourself to others, but to your past self. You just need to be a better version of you everyday.

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