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2017 Schedule Sees Coach Return And New Classes Added

January 3 will see a coach returning to Westside MMA and a new class schedule put in place and it's got some exciting new addiditions and alterations.

2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt Rodolfo Marques will return from Brazil and rejoin our coaching team from January 3. He will be coaching full time, adding a lot of new classes to our schedule. Not only will Rodolfo be heading our MMA program, he will be head coach of our entire grappling program including BJJ, Submission Grappling, Wrestling and MMA classes.

Check it out below

You will see a number of classes that have been added to our schedule, and we have structured it in a way that gives everyone the greatest chance of cross training in multiple disciplines. We have also made a change to our Muaythai classes on Tuesday and Thursday. The intermediate and advanced classes will now be combined on these days with classes now scheduled for 90 minutes. What else is new? MMA classes at lunch time, Mehrdad's wrestling class is now on Tuesday with Rodolfo taking a second wrestling class on Thursday. Two additional MMA classes in our junior schedule, and the addition of Wrestling and Submission Grappling to our junior schedule. You will also notice Submission Grappling on our senior schedule, these are replacing our NoGi classes and align with another exciting new venture we've got coming your way in 2017!

We are excited about 2017 and we hope that you're ready for everything it has to offer!

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