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Rebellion Muaythai XI Results

Saturday September 10th saw three of our Muaythai athletes step inside the Rebellion ring, all of them taking on undefeated opponents. It was a stacked card with some awesome matches throughout the night with a welterweight bout for the WMC Australian Title headlining the event.

Bout number 1 for the evening was our first match for the night with 18 year old Martina Hanania facing the unbeaten Pamela Ablang from Supafight Gym. From the opening bell Martina fought strong, winning many striking exchanges putting together some strong combinations. There were a couple of spinning elbows that weren't quite on the mark however, the crowd seemed to enjoy them. Rounds 1 and 3 were Martina's stronger rounds which could quite easily have both gone her way but at the end of the bout judges scored the fight 2 rounds to 1 to Pamela. This was a brilliant fight considering Martina and Pamela have only had 2 and 4 fights respectively.

Bout number 2 for the evening was Mikki making his Muaythai debut. This was always going to be an exciting fight with his opponent having 4 wins from 4 fights all with KO victories. None of this phased Mikki and with his previous ring experience in boxing walked into the ring with absolute confidence. Alex had done his homework on Mikki and expected him to come out all hands, but this want the case, Mikki surprising him and attacking with well timed and placed leg kicks and body kicks. Round 1 was a good close round and clearly Mikkis kicks had taken a toll early. Round 2 was more of the same until Alex landed an uppercut which dropped Mikki to one knee momentarily, giving him an 8 count. Round 3 was another close round with Mikki attacking the legs again and showing some strong clinching against his much bigger opponent. For a couple of 100kg lads, the skills displayed this match were brilliant. All 3 judges scored the bout in favour of Alex Roberts but for his debut fight, Mikki was composed, skilful and strong. Aside from 5 stitches in his shin, Mikki was all smiles and ready to get back in there ASAP.

Our 3rd fight for the night was bout number 4 with Yahya taking on yet another unbeaten opponent in Tristan Papadopolous from Powerplay Gym. This match was a contrast in styles with Tristan having very much a K1 style of fighting while Yahya has a more traditional Muaythai style. Being a 3 round fight this was going to be all action from start to finish. Both boys showed good skills at various points throughout the fight with there being no reappoint of difference and neither boys getting the upper hand. At the end of round 3 it would come down to the judges with the decision going to Tristan. It was most likely a slightly higher work rate that tipped the scores in his favour.

The rest of the evening was full of amazing action with a special highlight of the night being the absolutely beautiful display of Muaythai from Scottish sensation Jordan Coe. From the moment he stepped on the entrance runway you knew you were in for a performance with his Thai dancing bringing him into centre ring then onto a beautiful Ram Muay. That was all just par for the course with his skills being absolutely outstanding and dominating all 5 rounds with the ACT's Josh Tonna. Looking forward to seeing Jordan fight here on Rebellion again. The main event was also a cracking fight with Lloyd Dean from Riddlers Gym in Perth showing just why he is one of the brightest prospects on Australian soil. Lloyd took on Kurt Staiti who is now a regular on MAX Muaythai in Thailand. The first 2 rounds were good strong rounds from both boys but from round 3 on Lloyd seemed to kick into overdrive and there was no looking back. His persistence and tenacity in the clinch wore Kurt down and was the defining factor in the fight, Lloyd walking away the new WMC Australian Champion.

Thanks to Sy Nadji and the team at Rebellion Muaythai for having our crew on this event. It's always a pleasure to be part of the most prestigious Muaythai event in Australia. Our guys will get back in the gym and continue working on their craft and developing a stronger game moving forward.

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