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10 Reasons To Ditch Laziness And Work Harder On Your Jiu-Jitsu

Maybe you weren’t as dedicated as you should be, so we put together 10 reasons why you should put your act together and give the gentle art that special effort. The benefits will be overwhelmingly greater than the effort put.

1) Your opponent.

”He is my friend and biggest foe. If he didn’t exist, it wouldn’t be the same and maybe I wouldn’t train as much, always going to my limit,” said Rodolfo Vieira the other day about archrival Marcus Buchecha. If laziness knocks, remember your adversaries are out there practicing and correcting flaws in order to catch you by surprise next time. One great, unsettling reason to get your ass off that couch.

2) Your professor.

If you chose your BJJ school wisely, your professor is not just there to take your money in exchange for classes. They do what they do for love, and few rewards can mean as much to them as your technical and personal evolution. Make your master proud; get moving.

3) Your body in the mirror.

You remember how flaccid and feeble you were before you started training, don’t you? Wanna see that sad picture again? Didn’t think so.

4) The black belt.

Yes, we do repeat over and over that thinking about belt color is not the best attitude for the smart Jiu-Jitsu practitioner to have. Haste and anxiety may lead to frustration, and squandering time thinking you are not headed anywhere may hack away at your mindset. So ignore what belt you wear today. But do think about the black belt. One day it will be yours, believe it. And then you will see the whole journey was worth it. Remember the lesson by Rorion Gracie, who said a BJJ black belt that’s honestly earned is worth more than any Harvard degree.

5) Your children.

Training BJJ is not an individual, selfish activity. Soon you are going to be able to roll with your kids, have fun with them and give them health and vitality. Persist and have a perfect pastime to do together.

6) The unpredictable.

We train Jiu-Jitsu in order to never have to use self-defense techniques, but imagine some maniac grabs your neck tomorrow and today you missed a class on that very move? Go practice and protect yourself.

7) The detail.

Strive to drive away the torments of the drubbings and moves that have been causing you trouble. Focus on the detail, on little objectives: to not fall for that same old move, to keep your posture in the guard; to improve upon that guard pass, to not lose the mount.

8) Those that can’t train.

While you sit there under the reins of tiredness, work and whatever else, there are people facing much tougher physical problems who wish they could move like you. Get your gi and find an hour in the day to get your Jiu-Jitsu on.

9) Your dreams.

Persevering in BJJ can help you realize your most improbable dreams, from that elusive job to that woman you’ve got your eye on.

10) Nothing.

Don’t give yourself a choice – just get your gi and go! Thank Jiu-Jitsu later for that indescribable post-practice feeling.

*Graciemag Article

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