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Feeling Lazy? Here Are Some Sneaky Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out!

Most of the time, we would rather dig in to delicious lunches than do tiring sets of lunges. But let’s face it – without those workouts, we’d all be unhealthy, lethargic, and not to mention, vulnerable to various diseases.

Apart from helping us to shed fat and lower our risk of getting diseases, regular exercise also keeps us young and boosts our confidence.

Now that the new year is well underway, are you ready to get back on track and make every gym session count? Today, we share 9 Sneaky Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out:

1) Watch your favorite martial artists train or compete on YouTube

What better way is there to get inspired than to watch your favorite martial artists in action? If you’ve been feeling unmotivated due to a lack of inspiration, then perhaps you should do this to re-ignite your passion and of course, get motivated to hit the gym!

Psst! If you intend to binge watch videos and chill out while getting inspired, why not catch one (or a few) of these movies and documentaries as well?

2) Pack your workout gear the night before

Do you usually hit the snooze button too many times and end up having to rush for school or work upon waking up? We’re all guilty of doing this from time to time. That’s why we suggest packing your workout gear the night before you hit the gym.

Besides not having to worry about packing the following morning, you’re more likely to work out when you’ve already got your gear packed (and of course, carry it around with you).

3) Wake up earlier and exercise first thing in the morning

This one’s for the morning people! If you find that you function better in the A.M., make it a point to get up slightly earlier and start your day with a workout! When you do this, you’ll definitely stop making the excuse of having no time to go for that run or drop by the gym.

Remember, ordinary people rise and shine, but champions rise and grind. And we know you’ve got what it takes to be a champ!

4) Constantly update your workout playlists

It has been reported that listening to upbeat music while working out can increase endurance by 15%! That means you can go harder for longer without feeling like you’re putting in extra effort.

We suggest putting together a few playlists containing your favorite songs, and constantly updating them so you’ll never get bored. Besides keeping things fresh with your music, you might want to consider trying a new running route or activity to keep things interesting.

5) Get a motivated exercise buddy

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your special someone or office BFF – exercise buddies can do wonders in keeping you on track with your workouts. Besides making plans to hit the gym, they’ll be able to keep tabs on your progress and work towards fitness goals together with you.

Do note that the keyword here is “motivated” – so make sure that your workout buddy is driven, so that he/she will not be the one who cancels on you when he/she is feeling lazy!

6) Invest in new workout gear

Yes, this is more or less an excuse for you to go shopping! Go ahead and buy some nice workout clothes or that pair or running shoes that you’ve been dreaming of getting. And then look and feel great while you get your sweat on!

We’re pretty sure that you’d be more motivated to work out in your new gear especially if you spend quite a bit of money on them. After all, where else can you wear them if not to the gym?

7) Go for classes and stand in front

When you attend classes, you’re more likely to show up on time and stay throughout the entire hour. What’s more, you’d probably decide to regularly attend that specific class if it goes well – so that means you’d have your weekly workout sorted!

While you’re in class, we suggest standing in front (or near the front, if you’re feeling self-conscious), so that you’d be in the instructor’s direct view and there’s a lower chance of you cheating and slacking off during the lesson.

8) Schedule your gym time

We can never emphasize the importance of planning ahead. Whether it’s planning for the next day or the following week, you’d want to ensure that you’ve got it figured out.

The next time you’re making plans, remember to account for your workouts and record them so that you’d be reminded to exercise every time you open your planner. Also, you’re more likely to follow through with your plans when you make them tangible – be it in writing, or typed out on your mobile phone.

9) Reward yourself after each intense session

The ultimate reward is of course, being healthy and fit. But because it takes time and hard work to get into shape, we believe that you should treat yourself to that new top or haircut after your gym session!

When you reward yourself after each workout, you’d be more likely to stay motivated. Eventually, when you get into the swing of it, you might even see the workout as your reward and not have to rely on the post-workout treats anymore.

Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Although you might be feeling lazy now, we’re sure that these sneaky ways will motivate you to get to the gym. Go on, try it!

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