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5 Reasons to End Every Day with a Workout

Most of us spend our mornings bleary-eyed, with tousled hair, wishing we had just another 5 more minutes in bed. Working out is the last thing we want to do at that hour. So we plan to do it later in the day; but work, school or even spontaneous gatherings with friends or dates get in the way. And that’s when we stop prioritizing our workouts, because we feel that it’s too late to hit the gym after our evening plans.

But what if there’s no such thing as “too late”? All of us believe that what time you work out doesn’t matter. As long as you give it your all when you exercise, you can make that hour count!

We previously discussed why you should jumpstart every day with a workout. But if you’re a not a morning person, don’t sweat it – because you can still reap some pretty awesome benefits when you work out at the end of your day!

Today, we share 5 Reasons to End Every Day with a Workout:

1) Because it helps you to de-stress

Foam rolling helps to relieve muscle tension after an intense workout.

Had a rough day at work or school? Why not hit the gym and leave all your worries and frustration behind (for an hour at least)! Exercising at night gives you a chance to vent your stress, so you don’t take any unhappiness or negative energy to bed with you.

What’s more, your brain will boost endorphin production while reducing stress hormones like cortisol, so you’ll definitely be in a better mood after an intense workout.

2) Because you’ll sleep better

Your kids will gain confidence when they learn martial arts.

There’s nothing more important than a good night’s rest. Apart from helping you recharge for a new day, sleep plays a part in improving your memory, learning, immune function and more.

If you’re one of those who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, perhaps you should consider working out at night. This is because it could potentially help you clock in some additional hours of quality sleep. Hence, you’ll be able to rest your mind and body properly and as a result, wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.

3) Because it will boost your metabolism

The Muaythai elbow strike is often used while in close range.

Research has shown that the body’s metabolism adapts better to a keep-fit routine during the evening or night. What’s more, those who go to the gym after work are reported to achieve a higher level of fitness than their counterparts who work out first thing in the morning.

Besides that, you’ll feel more compelled to make healthier choices prior to your workout, as well as the rest of the night. That means no spontaneous drinking sessions at the pub, or binging on a tub of ice-cream in front of your TV. Instead, you’re more likely to grab some healthy post workout food and go to bed earlier.

4) Because you can take your time

BJJ lets you acquire the necessary self-defense skills for real life situations.

One of the luxuries of night workouts is an abundance of time. Because you don’t feel the need to rush off to work or school after your night gym session, you’ll have one less thing to worry about at the back of your head. Hence, you’ll be able to work out harder for longer, and as a result, get the most of your session.

Apart from that, you wouldn’t have to fight for space with the peak hour crowd and can take your time to enjoy a nice post-workout shower! The best part of this is that you’ll have some precious alone time to focus on yourself, as well as reflect and plan for the next day.

5) Because you’ll end on your day on an awesome note

Training with a heavy bag helps improve your technique.

What better way is there to end the day than going beyond your limits, or achieving your gym goals – while getting into the greatest shape of your life?

By spending the last part of your day at the gym, you’ll more likely have enough energy to power through your workout (especially if you aren’t a morning person), and that fruitful session will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world! That means you can go to bed with a smile on your face.

According to personal training manager Carly Solis-Cohen, night workouts can greatly benefit you in many ways.

“You are less likely to eat sugar and fatty foods, as your body will be looking for healthy nourishment. Getting a good night’s rest will be easier since your body will need to re-charge, which will help keep your sleep regulated and reduce stress as well,” she shares. “Another, and what I find the best part of a nightly workout, is you simply feel good and go to sleep with a strong sense of accomplishment.”

Are you now convinced that working out is the best way to end your day? Why not give it a shot and see how you feel!


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