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7 Reasons to Start Martial Arts in Your 40s

Have you ever caught yourself thinking: I’m too old to try something new?

Now that you’ve made it through your 30’s, you might feel like you’re past your prime. But fret not, because all of us at Evolve Daily would like to remind you that age is just a number. We believe that you’re never too young or old to get into the best shape of your life through martial arts.

1) It keeps you young

Martial arts teaches children valuable life lessons that will stay with them for years to come.

Training martial arts slows down the process of aging because every cell in the human body benefits from physical activity. Yes, you’ll have a better physique – but do you know that working up a sweat helps your skin too? This is because it expels trapped oil and dirt (but do wash your face afterwards so it doesn’t get sucked back into your pores!)

Whenever you train, you’re letting nutrients repair damage caused by the sun or environmental pollutants. This is because more blood is able to reach your skin’s surface. These nutrients boost collagen production, keeping wrinkles at bay. So put on those boxing gloves and punch your way to smoother, more radiant skin!

2) It challenges you

Westside MMA's Stuart Grant only started competing professionally at 34 years of age.

In your 20’s and 30’s, you’d probably have encountered situations that threw you outside your comfort zone. But did going through all those experiences change you for the better? Perhaps you might have been too young to truly embrace challenges or even tried to avoid them.

Now that you’re more confident and stable, what better time is there to take up martial arts and challenge yourself? Immersing yourself in martial arts will help you develop a warrior mentality which lets you overcome adversity in life.

3) It teaches you self-defense

Muaythai utilizes a beautiful symphony of kicks, punches, knees, and elbows with fluidity and grace.

Your career-driven 30’s was a time of immense focus on your job. Your work-life balance was evening out to what it is today, finally giving you time for the more important things. And what’s more important than learning self-defense?

Training martial arts will give you the necessary skills to protect yourself and your loved ones in case you ever have to. Besides giving you peace of mind, martial arts will also train you to keep calm when the situation calls for it.

4) It keeps you in the pink of health

Strength training a great way to get your heart rate up and stay strong.

If you haven’t exercised much before, your 40’s is a great time to kick start a martial arts training regime and take charge of your health. As we get older, physiological changes cause us to start losing muscle, and our bones weaken as bone density reduces. What’s more, a slower metabolism results in weight gain as we begin to store fat more easily.

Worried? Well, you don’t have to be. Because training martial arts allows you to reap health benefits such as improved fitness and strength, weight loss, as well as a lower risk of disease. Studies have shown that people in their 80’s have the same ability as an 18-year-old to reduce fat and build muscle, so it’s never too late to start!

5) It helps you live longer

Apart from giving you a better of quality of life in your golden years, training martial arts helps extend your lifespan too. It has been proven that people who exercise regularly live longer, largely due to the fact that they put off getting heart disease.

Training martial arts lets you boost your heart health as it helps strengthen your heart muscles and keeps your blood vessels flexible and clear.

6) It lets you bond with your family

Jurgen is just one of the many members we have of family units that train at Westside MMA.

For those with kids, you might find it more difficult to bond with them as they grow older and develop social circles. Why not embark on a martial arts journey together? Besides being a fun family activity, signing up for a martial arts class with your kids can be a great opportunity for you to try something new!

7) It widens your social circle

In martial arts, there’s never a dull moment because of the many things to learn and ways to practice. We believe that you have what it takes to become a fighter in all aspects of life. So don’t let your age stop you from evolving into the best version of yourself!

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