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A Quick Guide To Your First Year Of Muaythai: 8 Things You Need To Know

Have you just made the decision to venture on an amazing martial arts journey with Muaythai?

If you have, then congratulations! You’re in for the time of your life. Got some questions about this exciting new journey you’re about to embark on?

A Quick Guide To Your First Year Of Muaythai:

1) How do I fit in?

So you’ve walked into your first class and you’re wondering how you’re going to fit in. It’s only natural to feel a little out of place being in a new environment. But don’t worry, your instructors and fellow Muaythai enthusiasts in the gym know what it’s like to be new too, so they won’t hesitate to make you feel right at home.

Just don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and socialize. You’ll find yourself building strong lasting friendships in the gym before you know it!

2) How do I look the part?

You’re probably wondering how some students in the class manage to look like professional Muay Thai fighters. Where did they get those cool Muaythai shorts? Or those really nice handwraps? Chances are, they bought it online. There aren’t many martial arts shops around, so if want to look the part; you’ll probably have to shop online.

Struggling with what size or brands to use? Ask any of your instructors or a fellow student who’s wearing something that’s caught your eye, they will be more than happy to help you!

3) How do I wrap my hands?

It is extremely important to wrap your hands before training. Handwraps protect your knuckles and straightens your wrists to prevent you from spraining them when hitting the bags or pads. There are many different ways to wrap your hands so be sure to research online and try all of them to see which one you prefer.

Once you’ve found one that suits you, be sure to practice the wrapping technique whenever you can. This will help you save time on your pre-training preparations.

4) How do I know what’s proper etiquette in Muaythai?

Muay Thai is known to be a martial art rooted in rich traditions. So how do you know what the proper etiquette is in Muaythai? Being well versed in the traditions and etiquettes of Muaythai takes time. You can ask your instructors or learn more about them online.

But in the meantime, be sure to follow the same etiquettes expected of every martial artist inside or outside of training. Respect everyone; be polite and always willing to help others.

5) How do I remember the techniques I learnt?

Whether it’s proper footwork, the right way to punch, or how to turn your hips, being grounded in fundamentals is a crucial aspect not just in Muaythai, but any martial art. And even as a beginner, you might find yourself bombarded with a lot of techniques, which aren’t always easy to remember.

So be sure to take notes of what you’ve learnt after every class. This will help you remember and make it easier for you to practice them correctly when you’re not at training.

6) How do I get better?

Everyone wants to get better at Muaythai the quickest way possible. But the key to improving in Muay Thai is patience. Many practitioners tend to rush themselves into getting better, forgetting the importance of perfecting the basics first.

Without a strong foundation in the basic fundamentals of Muaythai, you’ll find yourself picking up a lot of bad habits that will hinder you from progressing further. So make sure you perfect all the basic techniques first before moving on to the intermediate techniques and eventually to the more advanced techniques.

7) How do I increase my knowledge of Muaythai?

Whether it is before your class or after, you’ve probably overheard an intense conversation about Muaythai taking place in gym between two people. Muaythai has been at the center of popular combat sports for decades. If you’re curious and looking to increase your knowledge of Muaythai, start researching more about it online.

Watch fights of popular Muaythai fighters past and present on YouTube or Google more about the history of the art. You’ll probably find yourself improving in Muaythai from watching all those fights anyway, so why not?

8) How do I spar?

If you’re new to Muaythai, you’re probably really excited for your first sparring class! Your instructors will always be there to ensure that you are learning in the safest way possible. With that said, remember never to go 100% in sparring. As a beginner, you should always start slow to make sure you that you’re improving your techniques instead of developing bad habits.

Sparring is a two-way street, so make sure you cooperate with your partner so that both of you are learning and improving. Sparring is considered to be crucial in helping anyone get better at Muaythai, so you should try to include sparring into your overall training.

Don’t forget, the most important part of learning Muaythai training is to have fun. So remember to always train hard, attend class regularly, and practice your techniques whenever you can. Enjoy!

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