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​​Our aim is provide our most committed and motivated juniors with an opportunity for life changing & invaluable experiences by way of competition. These experiences will be fundamental in creating our future leaders both in and out of the gym. 

The Muaythai Development Squad gives 8-14yo students an opportunity to develop additional skills and cultivate competitive attitudes through participation in coaching and training sessions with a view to participating in Muaythai competition at local, state, national and international competitions.


Training with other keen and enthusiastic squad members is both fun and motivational and helps develop new friendships based on an enjoyment of competition. The emphasis on developing competitive skills and improving existing ones is in a friendly and supportive environment.

The Muaythai Development Squad is by invitation only. Westside MMA members that are students in the Muaythai program are eligible for selection into the squad. The squad aims to prepare students for competitive Muaythai and develop and refine strong fundamental skills.

Students invited to this program will be given the opportunity to train on a Monday & Wednesday afternoons from 4-5pm. This program has strict selection criteria and limited positions available. Students registered for this program are not automatically selected and will need to satisfy selection criteria.

If your child has shown an interest in progressing in their Muaythai training and pursuing the sport, please register using the form below.

Term fees for the Muaythai Development Squad are $249 per term.

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